News Stories of Interest, Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013

It’s the day after Labour Day, the practical if not the technical beginning of fall and the first day of school for most Alberta students. It’s Merchant Navy Day in Canada and Britain. It’s the Feast of San Marino in, unsurprisingly, San Marino. It’s also Flag Day in Australia, Independence Day in Qatar (from Britain in 1971), and Memorial Day in Tunisia. There were a few news stories today of interest to UNA members and staff:

AUPE reaches agreement to end Waterford strike

After 150 days on the picket line, striking members of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees at the Waterford of Summerlea seniors’ facility in Edmonton ended their dispute on Labour Day.

New ‘super union’ vows to push back

The labour movement will soon be getting off its defensive position and pushing back if government and employers continue relentlessly attacking workers, warns the leader of Unifor, Canada’s new super union. About 2,000 delegates overwhelmingly voted for Dias Saturday as their head at the formal merger of the Canadian Auto Workers and Communications, Energy and Paperworkers into the country’s biggest private sector union at a founding convention in Toronto.

Despite pressure from right, Canada’s unions move ahead

The Toronto Star editorializes: Canada’s unions are on the march this Labour Day — in more ways than one. Two of our biggest workers’ organizations merged over the weekend to create a super-union called Unifor. After a long decline, the rate of unionization in this country has stabilized, even ticking upward last year. And several unions are engaged in an aggressive push to recruit people who are stuck in “precarious” employment.

Hospital lotteries prey on vulnerable people with gambling addictions: CMAJ

Hospitals should think twice about using lotteries for fundraising, because it puts those vulnerable to gambling at risk, says an editorial published Tuesday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Alberta minimum wage rises – barely

Alberta’s minimum wage went up 20 cents on Sept. 1. It’s still the lowest in Canada. Double standard for liquor servers remains in place. AFL President Gil McGowan asked: “How can it be that the richest province is the stingiest?”

Fort Mac residents rally for midwives

Over 120 parents, many with their children in tow, marched from the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre to a rally outside city hall, raising awareness for midwifery service in Alberta on Monday.

34 High River homes declared fit for habitation

Alberta Health Services has rescinded the Not Fit for Habitation designation on 34 homes in High River, giving their owners safe access to the buildings to begin renovations.

Alberta’s $7,800 doctor bonus makes no sense: health writer

This week, every full-time physician in Alberta will receive a cheque from the government of Alberta for $7,800. Alas, if you want to read more, you’ll have to pay to subscribe to the Globe.

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