News Stories of Interest, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014

It’s Independence Day in Sri Lanka (from Britain in 1948). It’s World Cancer Day. Here’s a [ ]commentary on World Cancer Day from Alberta Health Services. Here in Alberta, there were only a few news stories of interest to UNA members and staff:

[ ]Health Minister adopts new approach to ambulance dispatch

Communities like Red Deer and Lethbridge that combine their fire and ambulance services may get a chance to keep that system, rather than having it melded in with a province-wide dispatch system, says Health Minister Fred Horne.

[ ]Alberta’s ‘Sunshine List’ should be extended to AHS: Edmonton Journal

Alberta’s “Sunshine List,” released last Friday, should be extended to cover six-figure employees of government agencies such as Alberta Health Services, the Edmonton Journal argues in an editorial.

[ ]Alberta puts $5 million into mental health for children, families

The Alberta government says it is investing $5M to create three best practice sites in the province to provide vulnerable children and families better access to mental health supports and specialists.

[ ]B.C. patients isolated after drug-resistant bug breaks out

B.C.’s Fraser Health Authority officially declared an outbreak of drug-resistant bacteria in New Westminster’s Royal Columbian Hospital yesterday, isolating patients in a ward and requiring medical staff to be gowned and gloved.

[ ]Cancer foundation goes too far in ‘crowdfunding’ pitch: editorial

Fundraising for cancer treatment shouldn’t be pitched the same way as a shopping channel bargain infomercial. But the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation comes perilously close with its first venture into “crowdfunding,” the Toronto Star complains in an editorial.

[ ]Replacement of RNs by LPNs and care workers in PEI sparks controversy

The hiring of more licensed practical nurses and resident care workers in place of registered nurses has created some tension in the workplace, says P.E.I Public Sector Employees Union President Debbie Bovyer, the CBC reports.

This summary will return in a few days.

David Climenhaga
Communications Advisor
United Nurses of Alberta
780-425-1025 (Office)
780-717-2943 (Cellular)

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