News Stories of Interest, Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014

Good morning. It’s National Day in Kuwait, People Power Day in the Philippines and Soviet Occupation Day in Georgia – the latter being the nation in the Caucasus, not the state in the U.S., which has never been occupied by the Soviets. Here in Alberta it was a slow news day for members and staff of UNA, although one of the stories was pretty important.

[ ]Finance minister says he’s scaled down pension changes

Finance Minister Doug Horner scaled back controversial reforms he had initially felt were needed to make public sector pension plans sustainable, but union leaders say they are still an unnecessary and arbitrary “snow job.” United Nurses of Alberta President Heather Smith said nurses “are not going to back off. It’s still unacceptable. … We’re supposed to be happy they didn’t take off both legs, and we’re not.” Here’s the CBC’s version of the story.

[ ]Book review: the Third Rail

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan chief executive officer Jim Leech and senior Globe and Mail writer Jacquie McNish have written a compelling narrative on the growing gaps that have emerged in Canada’s retirement income system, and what we can and must do to close them.

[ ]Antibiotic resistant bacteria make acne a problem for nurses

Nurses who become a victim of bacterial acne while working in hospitals should avoid using creams that are antibiotic in nature, says a publication that bills itself “the nurse’s guide to good living.”

[ ]Diagnosing health conditions with colour…

Virtually all Canadian news media ran a Canadian Press story today on the diagnostic meaning of the colour of urine and why it remains an important screening test in medicine. It’s obviously not only in Alberta that it’s a slow news day.

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