News Stories of Interest, Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Llt’s Mothers Day in Bolivia, Armed Forces Day in Nicaragua and Children’s Day in Nigeria. It’s a slow day for news of interest to UNA members and staff:

[ ]Young sleuths track down baby snatched from Quebec hospital

A woman who is alleged to have dressed as a nurse to snatch a newborn from a Quebec maternity ward was quickly found last night, thanks to amateur sleuthing by four young friends who had seen the Amber Alert on Facebook. The alert, which was issued just after10 p.m., featured a surveillance-camera photo of the suspect and said she left a hospital in Trois-Rivières at the wheel of a red Toyota Yaris with a “baby on board” sign in the rear window. Within 30 minutes, one of the four young Quebeckers who saw the alert had identified the suspect as a former neighbour.

[ ]Pregnancy significantly increases risk of serious traffic accidents

Researchers in Ontario have found that pregnancy is associated with a significant risk of a serious car crash requiring emergency medical care during the second trimester, according to a research paper published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

[ ]Education minister reverses decision to slash teachers’ marking fee

Alberta Education Minister Jeff Johnson said in a letter to teachers yesterday he is reversing a decision to cut an honorarium in half for teachers who mark Grade 12 diploma-exam essays. “We now recognize that this decision was counterproductive and, although unintentional, may have resulted in making teacher volunteers feel undervalued for the hard work they do on behalf of students,” Johnson wrote. He told the Ministry of Education to immediately reinstate the $200 honorarium for weekday grading of diploma exams.

[ ]Website lets Albertans ‘thank a paramedic’

A new website launched yesterday by Alberta Health Services provides a way for Albertans to send messages of thanks directly to Emergency Medical Services paramedics who have helped them, AHS says in a news release.

[ ]Rocky View Schools mental health program gets extension

Alberta Health services has granted a three-year extension to funding for Rocky View Schools’ integrated mental health delivery system, which had been slated to shut down next month.

[ ]Canada not the only country abusing TFW-like programs

The Australian Council of Trade Unions has complained that nursing school graduates can’t find work because of employers are hiring nurses from abroad through a program that sounds suspiciously like the Harper Government’s TFW program in Canada. Thousands of Australian nurses are said to have been affected.

David Climenhaga
Communications Advisor
United Nurses of Alberta
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