News Stories of Interest, Friday, June 20, 2014

Good morning. It’s Flag Day in Argentina. It’s Gas Sector Day in Azerbaijan, a holiday worthy of Alberta. It’s Martyrs Day in Eritrea. It’s World Refugee Day in Canada, where thanks to our Conservative government we don’t provide health care to refugee applicants. Saturday, by the way, is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. There were a few news stories today of interest to UNA members and staff:

[ ]Health minister demands ambulance response standards

Health Minister Fred Horne has ordered Alberta Health Services to set standards for ambulance response times, after a Metro story revealed they were operating without any set targets.

[ ]Health minister also reviews medevac funding

Fort McMurray-Conklin MLA Don Scott says Health Minister Fred Horne is personally reviewing Phoenix Heli-Flight’s concerns about medevac funding. Scott made the comments after meeting with the Wood Buffalo Health Advisory Council on this week, where he said Alberta Health was looking into the program’s details.

[ ]3D heart imaging lab in Edmonton a Canadian first

A new high-tech 3-D visualization lab will allow Edmonton doctors to see detailed images of the human heart from the inside out, helping treat patients with complex heart problems. The first of its kind in Canada, the 3-D Virtual Cardiac Centre at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute will let surgeons plan and perform operations more effectively to reduce wait times and complications, the Edmonton Journal says.

[ ]Ottawa uses biased data to justify TFW use: AFL

The federal government uses faulty data to determine what sectors suffer from labour shortages, according to a new report by the Alberta Federation of Labour. The federal government relies on manpower surveys from agencies such as the Canadian Federation of Small Business to determine if more temporary foreign workers are needed, says federation president Gil McGowan. But those surveys are basically “self-reporting” by employers who want to convince the federal government to increase availability of temporary foreign workers, said McGowan. Meanwhile, Ottawa has [ ]promised to introduce some tweaks to the program later today to reduce the political heat caused by abuses of TFWs.

[ ]Who owns your tissue? Hint: Not necessarily you

According to a Canadian court, human tissue is a form of personal property. Not only that, once it is removed from a patient, it is owned by the hospital. So says a writer in the Globe and Mail.

[ ]Canadian baby boom meets daycare bust

In the wake of Canada’s largest baby boom in 50 years, public spending on licensed child care has barely budged, parent fees are soaring and growth in new spaces has slowed to a trickle, according to a new analysis.

[ ]Edmonton Police mental health teams described

This rather confusing feature story tries to tell the story of the work of one of the Edmonton Police Service’s four mental health crisis teams. Worst headline ever, in this old headline writer’s opinion.

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Communications Advisor
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