News Stories of Interest, Monday, July 7, 2014

Good morning, it’s Independence Day in the Solomon Islands (from Britain in 1978). Here in Alberta, it was a slow news day, with only a few stories of interest to UNA members and staff. Weirdly, half of them are from Wales.

[ ]Surgeries delayed as rainstorms cause flooding at Misericordia

According to officials with Covenant Health, heavy rainfall over the weekend caused a drainpipe on the building’s roof to break, flooding the Misericordia Hospital’s day surgery area. As a result, some patients preparing to undergo surgery at the Misericordia Hospital are being told they will have to wait.

[ ]Leasing equipment and even drugs could cut rising health costs: prof

A University of Alberta health economist says health facilities could save money by leasing high-tech equipment instead of buying it, and even doing a variation of leasing with drugs – by paying manufacturers according to how well their product delivers the promised health benefits. This could be measured in a variety of ways, such as reduced tests, surgeries and trips to hospital for patients. A failure to meet expectations would mean less money for the company. (Editor’s comment: good luck getting drug manufacturers to agree to such a deal.)

[ ]Threats for whistle blowing result in payout to ‘dedicated’ nurse

A “dedicated and hardworking” nurse who blew the whistle about patient safety in Wales has won more than £80,000 in compensation after she was unfairly targeted for speaking out by her former employer. An employment tribunal ruled that Allied Healthcare Group had unfairly dismissed Elaine Fernandez and subjected her to poor treatment, when she raised concerns about service changes affecting the care of a patient.

[ ]It’s not just Alberta – Welsh nurses protest top manager’s payout

A nursing union has criticized the amount paid out to a former health board chief and called for such payments to be capped. Mary Burrows received £200,000 from the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, accounts show. The deal was part of up to £470,000 paid by the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board to Ms Burrows last year. The health board said it had followed Welsh government guidelines when deciding payment levels.

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