News Stories of Interest, Friday, Aug. 15, 2014

Good afternoon, it’s Independence Day in India (from Britain in 1947), the Republic of Congo (from France in 1960) and South Korea (celebrating liberation from Japan in 1945). It’s Fatherland Liberation Day in North Korea, celebrating the same thing. It’s also Armed Forces Day in Poland, Constitutional Day in Equatorial Guinea, the National Memorial for War Dead in Japan, and Victory over Japan (VJ) day in the countries of the World War II Allies. Here in Alberta, there were a few news stories of interest to UNA members and staff:

[ ]Union files grievance against Rob Ford for public bomb threat announcement

The union representing 20,000 workers at the City of Toronto is filing a grievance over what it’s calling a “complete breakdown” of city protocol when Mayor Rob Ford went public on Monday with a bomb threat emailed to his brother, Councillor Doug Ford. Tim Maguire, president of CUPE Local 79, said the mayor was “irresponsible” to hold a scrum outside his office, during which he spoke of the threat. He said the mayor put City Hall employees and visitors to the building at risk by speaking publicly.

[ ]Docs urge Canada Post to drop note requirement to get home delivery

Physicians are urging Canada Post to halt plans to require a doctor’s note for individuals to keep home mail delivery, saying doctors are already buried in paperwork. “This demonstrates a complete lack of awareness of the challenges facing health care professionals and patients seeking access to care,” said Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti, president of the Canadian Medical Association, in a statement.

[ ]Alberta companies got green light from feds to underpay TFWs: AFL

The Alberta Federation of Labour says the federal government allowed Alberta companies to pay thousands of foreign workers less than Canadian workers in 2013.

[ ]Obesity doc looks for laughs in Fringe show

While there will be plenty of jokes in Dr. Arya Sharma’s Fringe Festival show, don’t expect any of them to be at the expense of overweight people. Sharma, Canada’s top expert on obesity, says "fat jokes" feed into the misconceptions surrounding the topic, and he’s hoping to quash those myths as a first-time performer. “It’s using humour and science for communication.”

[ ]AHS wary of non-certified birth attendants

Alberta Health Services has reported two instances of non-certified individuals assisting with labour and delivery in private residences that the province-wide health care agency says are a concern from a health perspective.

Have a great weekend!

David Climenhaga
Communications Advisor
United Nurses of Alberta
780-425-1025 (Office)
780-717-2943 (Cellular)

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