News Stories of Interest, Monday, Aug. 26, 2014

Good day. It’s Independence Day in Uruguay (from Brazil in 1825) and it’s Soldiers’ Day in Brazil. Is there a connection here? On this day in 1944, Paris was liberated from German occupation by the armies of the Allies. In Alberta, there were a few news stories of interest to UNA members and staff:

Politics: Lukaszuk says it was for government work

Progressive Conservative leadership contender Thomas Lukaszuk stuck taxpayers with over $20,000 in international data roaming charges while on a personal trip to Poland and Israel in 2012, documents show. Meanwhile, leadership candidate Jim Prentice is backing away from his term limits idea.

B.C. teachers’ union to escalate strike action

The British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, intent on getting a deal to end a summer-long strike that threatens to go into the fall, is vowing to step up protests against government MLAs and school boards as part of an effort to kick-start bargaining.

Pediatricians call for later school start times

Pediatricians in the United States are urging secondary and middle schools to delay start times to no earlier than 8:30 a.m. to give teens more time to sleep, in order to improve mental and physical health and academic performance. In a policy statement Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics called sleep deprivation the most common, important and potentially remediable public-health risk among adolescents.

Still-unknown source of E. coli outbreak likely somewhere in Alberta

A local food supplier may be to blame for an E. coli outbreak that has sent 20 people to hospital. So far 130 cases have been reported across Alberta, and health officials are trying to determine the cause. Tests have revealed that this particular strain isn’t found outside the Alberta environment, meaning whatever is making people sick was produced or grown in the province.

Tough work, real risk: aid groups seek Ebola workers

The need for international health-care workers to help in the response to West Africa’s Ebola outbreak is enormous and pressing. But make no mistake — this is tough, tough work that people are being asked to volunteer for — and dangerous.

Depression treatments discussed

All sufferers from depression who are being offered trials of medication need to be aware that the chance of success may be 50 per cent or less with mild and moderate depression and they also need to be informed that there are other effective treatments that focus on behaviour, writes Dr. Richard Hibbard, Edmonton Zone Clinical Department Head for Addiction and Mental Health, in a letter to the editor. Dig down – it’s underneath another letter.

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