News Stories of Interest, Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014

Good morning, it’s Constitution Day in Azerbaijan and World Pneumonia Day. Here in Alberta, there were a few news stories of interest to UNA members and staff:

Alberta Health Services in chaos: Alberta Views

The latest issue of Alberta Views Magazine includes a feature article about the state of health care in Alberta and the uncertain fate of Alberta Health Services. The article includes interviews with UNA First Vice-President Jane Sustrik, Local 301 President Marie-Therese Mageau and Local 33 member Rochelle Walker. I don’t have a link, but a PDF is attached.

Liberal health critic accuses health minister of caving to tobacco lobby

Alberta Liberal health critic Dr. David Swann says Health Minister Stephen Mandel is delaying proclamation of Bill 206, which received overwhelming support in the provincial legislature last year, and accusing him of caving in to tobacco lobbyists keen on ensuring menthol cigarettes are excluded from the ban.

Racism in Canada: Canadians conflicted on immigration, survey finds

A survey conducted by the CBC shows that while most Canadians view the country as being welcoming to immigrants, many have attitudes that cannot be described as welcoming.

Immigrant nurses face new hurdles in Ontario

Three-quarters of immigrant nurses in Ontario have failed the College of Nurses of Ontario’s new licensing exam. They face a double whammy, since the province also lacks remedial programs that could help them fill the skills gap. Changes made by the nursing regulatory body last year have created additional hurdles for internationally educated nurses, who say they are already struggling to meet the regulator’s new “safe practice” rules and face multiple delays in restarting their nursing careers.

Edmonton mother of twins receives stem cell match

An Edmonton woman (never mind what the lead of the story says) battling leukemia has the match she’s been hoping for, the CBC reports. Tammy McLash was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in August. Doctors told her she needs a stem cell transplant to survive. After months of searching, a match has been found.

20,000 California nurses on strike over staffing shortages, Ebola concerns

How best to care for patients was at the center of a debate between Kaiser Permanente and its almost 18,000 to 20,000 Northern California nurses who walked out for a two-day strike yesterday. The nurses have long complained of chronic staffing shortages and contend that patients are not being admitted when they should be and are being discharged too soon. The strike by California Nurses Association affects 21 Kaiser hospitals and about 35 clinics. The union is also concerned about lack of preparedness for an outbreak of Ebola virus disease.

Innisfail drop-in centre to host seniors’ wellness clinic

Innisfail seniors will have an opportunity to learn about gluten free diets and celiac disease from registered dietician Taressa Waye of Alberta Health Services at the Innisfail Seniors Drop-In Centre today.

9 of 10 largest California nursing home chains sub par on staffing

Nine of California’s largest nursing home operators fall below state averages in staffing measures, the Sacramento Bee reports. Nursing home chains respond to government scrutiny and lawsuits by burrowing beneath layers of limited liability corporations.

Instruments rusty at Indian sterilization camp where 13 died

Dozens of women remain in hospital and 20 are critically ill in India after the operations performed by a doctor accused of using rusty equipment in a dirty operating room, highlighting the dangers of the world’s largest surgical contraception program.

David Climenhaga
Communications Advisor
United Nurses of Alberta
780-425-1025 (Office)
780-717-2943 (Cellular)

Alberta Views – November 2014 – System In Chaos.pdf

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