News Stories of Interest, Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015

It’s Independence Day in the Central African Republic (from France in 1960). On this day in 1961, Berliners awoke to find themselves living in a divided city as the era of the Berlin Wall had begun.

Hypertension cost Alberta health care system $1.4 billion in 2010: study

About 10 per cent of Alberta’s annual health budget goes toward treating high blood pressure and its related complications, a new study from the University of Calgary says. While other countries are reducing rates of hypertension, researchers say Canada is heading in the wrong direction. The tab for treating hypertension and its consequences in Alberta reached $1.4 billion in 2010. Nationwide, the study’s authors estimate that hypertension accounted for $13.9 billion in the same year.

Child advocate calls for better medication management

A new investigation from Alberta’s child advocate into the overdose death of an eight-year-old girl in government care concludes the province needs to ensure better medication management and identify more homes equipped to support children with severe developmental disabilities.

Paramedics want their own regulatory college

Paramedics in Alberta want to form their own professional college, which they argue means more patients could be treated at home rather than a hospital.

Short gaps between births linked to osteoporosis risk

Women who have babies less than a year apart could be at higher risk of bone disease when they’re older according to a new study from the Yale School of Medicine.

Parents of kids with Down Syndrome seek more support from docs

The mother of a Down Syndrome child feels her physician tried to pressure her into having an abortion.

Oil will stay low through 2018, ratings agency predicts

Moody’s expects the current weakness in energy prices to stick around until 2018 at least, the ratings agency said in a report looking at the finances of several dozen energy companies today.

AHS scores high in accreditation

Accreditation Canada’s report following its May 11-15 survey shows Alberta Health Services met 92.4 per cent of all criteria and 93.5 per cent of their high-priority criteria. “The surveyors indicated this is a remarkable result, especially for an organization of our size,” AHS CEO Vickie Kaminski said in this news release.

Police link 45 Calgary-area Fentanyl deaths to shipments from China

Police say the Calgary area’s 45 deaths so far this year linked to the dangerous street drug fentanyl have to be assumed to be the result of shipments from where the bulk of western Canada’s fentanyl supply comes from – China.

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