News Stories of Interest, Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015

It’s Independence Day in Uzbekistan (from the Soviet Union in 1991). Alberta Health services finally lifted its air quality advisory in the Calgary Zone.

NDP promises investigations of deaths of all children in care

Human Services Minister Irfan Sabir is promising more thorough investigations into the deaths of children in the care of the province or receiving protective services.

OD victim’s mom pleads for action on drugs

Clutching a framed photograph of her son, Petra Schulz made a passionate plea before nearly 100 people about the need for policy change on all levels to deal with the fentanyl epidemic in Alberta. Schulz said the life-saving OD kits need to be more widely available and should be available to people without a prescription, such as a parent who has a child with an addiction.

New doc arrives in Milk River from South Africa

After years of campaigning with highway billboards and fundraisers, with outside companies brought in to help, the town of Milk River finally has a new doctor, and a second on the way. Dr. Liesl Lewke-Bogle has been a family physician in Milk River for over 35 years and has attempted to retire three times. She said the news two new doctors had been recruited was a huge relief. Dr. Pieter Krog started at the clinic in August, and the second physician, Dr. Adaku Ifebuzor, will start in October.

Campaign launched to help sexual assault victims come forward

A new public service campaign launched in Calgary is aimed at making it easier for victims of sexual assault and abuse to come forward by raising awareness among those that they are most likely to confide in.

Ex-Tory Senator: ‘Why I fought Bill C-377’

Retired Conservative Senator Hugh Segal explains why he opposed Bill C-377 – and still thinks it’s a bad idea. “I am confident that at the first legal challenge it will be struck down by the courts for all the reasons laid out by expert Committee witnesses two years ago.”

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