News Stories of Interest, Friday, Sept. 4, 2015

There seem to be no independence days anywhere today. Regardless, with a tip of the flat cloth cap to the past, it’s Newspaper Carrier Day today. Think of that as you sign on to the Internet. Monday is Labour Day.

Edmonton nurse, nearing 85, retires after 58 years on the job

As her 85th birthday approached, Edmonton nurse Elaine Armstrong made a life-changing decision to retire. After 58 years on the job, Armstrong finished her last night shift on the orthopedic unit of University of Alberta Hospital. She worked on the women’s surgical ward at Toronto Western Hospital for a year before moving to Edmonton in 1953 and starting in general duty. She retired at 64, then returned to work in 1998. Although designated a casual employee, she worked full-time hours up until a year ago, when she cut back to two to three 12-hour shifts a week, the Edmonton Journal reports.

Wildrose wins Calgary-Foothills by-election

Wildrose candidate Prasad Panda won the Calgary-Foothills by-election, which the media generally is portraying as “a major breakthrough for the Wildrose Party – and the first major blow to Premier Rachel Notley’s NDP.” This analysis is nonsense on both counts.

Ambulances could be delayed by LRT, HSAA warns

Edmonton paramedics are sounding the alarm over traffic delays expected to be caused by the new Metro LRT Line near the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

NDP would have plan to boost CPP within six months of getting elected: Mulcair

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair vowed to convene a first ministers’ meeting within six months of taking office to come up with a plan and timetable for expanding the Canada and Quebec Pension Plans. Business and labour leaders would also be consulted, he said.

Annals of labour relations: CBC bans shopping by employees at failing mall next door

Just in case Sparks Street doesn’t have enough challenges to contend with, CBC is adding one more: one of the largest workplaces on the pedestrian mall is banning most of its employees from accessing the street directly. To add insult to injury, employees allowed to use the door in question have to sign a pledge not to shop on the mall. Merchants, in the run-down outdoor mall, are infuriated.

Union fights bid to open stores on stat holidays

Canada’s largest private sector union, Unifor, will fight retailers’ attempts to scrap the city of Toronto’s holiday shopping bylaw, which requires most stores to close on statutory holidays, such as Labour Day.

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