News Stories of Interest, Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015

It’s Constitution Day in India and Republic day in Mongolia.

Alberta health disciplines board may not hear paramedic’s appeal

A hearing to appeal a controversial decision by the Alberta College of Paramedics may be over before it begins. During testimony Wednesday, after the hearing was opened to the public, the lawyer for the college argued that the board does not have jurisdiction to hear the case because the paramedic did not file his appeal within 30 days.

Syrian refugees to get help overcoming trauma

Edmonton settlement agencies are getting ready to support Syrian refugees facing mental health challenges, the CBC reports. Alberta officials say there are still unsure how many refugees may come here.

Petitioners say farm accidents are ‘just part of life’

More than 9,000 people have signed a petition against the Alberta NDP government’s new farm safety legislation. “Accidents happen, you know, like that’s just part of life,” said one of the petition organizers.

U.S. surgeon who lost licence allowed to practice in Canada

A B.C. Supreme Court judge says the case of a surgeon who was allowed to practice in the province after complaints forced him to surrender his licence in Arizona raises troubling questions about the regulatory body overseeing the profession.

Wages up sharply in September: Statscan

Statistics Canada’s latest survey of employers shows a sharp jump in both hiring and wages in September, as the Canadian labour market bounced back from summer doldrums. However, there was weakness in the energy sector, hitting Alberta.

Ontario changes medical pot plan after one day

Ontario’s plan to allow smoking and vaping of medical marijuana anywhere, anytime was one toke over the line and is going back to the drawing board.

Private operators squeeze nurses in public home care

Fighting for a first contract from CarePartners – their for-profit, publicly funded employer – the Ontario Public Service Union’s home care nurses in the Hamilton-Niagara region were stunned to get a contract offer that not only undermined their union but undercut the Wynne Government’s pension promise.

Police lobby for right to take mental health patients straight to jail

In a brief to city councillors this week, Edmonton police said they are lobbying the province for the right to take mental health patients to receive treatment at the Edmonton Remand Centre rather than waiting for help in crowded emergency rooms, even though these people have not committed a crime.

Concussion policy needed to protect kids in sport

The Calgary Herald finds the “local angle” with this story about a Hollywood movie that deals with concussions and professional footballers.

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