News Stories of Interest, Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016

There are no major national holidays again today, but it is Nanakusa-no-sekku in Japan, the Festival of the Seven Herbs, on which it is traditional to eat a rice porridge that includes the following herbs: water dropwort, shepherd’s purse, cudweed, chickweed, nipplewort, turnip and radish. It was also a slow day for labour relations and health care news of interest to UNA members and staff.

Formal complaints to AHS lowest in South Zone

The South Region leads the way with the lowest number of complaints made to Alberta Health Services, the Medicine Hat News reports. Between April 1 and June 30 there were 2,305 complaints across Alberta. Of those, 130 were from the South Zone, 188 in the North Zone, 972 for Edmonton, 185 in the Central Zone and 830 in Calgary, according to information provided by AHS.

Alberta gets only “C” for kids’ nutrition

Alberta should put more tax on junk food revenues, ban toys from kids’ restaurant meals and give fruit and vegetable vouchers to people on social assistance, say the authors of a new report on helping kids make good food choices.

Solid organ transplant recipients more likely to die of cancer

Recipients of solid organ transplants — kidney, liver, heart or lung — are three times more likely to die from cancer than the general population, according to a new study from the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences and St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

Senior London nurse becomes first British ‘whistleblowing guardian’

Dame Eileen Sills, chief nurse at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, has been appointed to the role of “National Whistleblowing Guardian,” which has been created as part of the British government’s response to the review on raising concerns in the health service.

Nurse fired for stealing drug, replacing them with decoys

A nurse at a long-term care home for elderly and dying patients in Ontario has been fired after allegedly stealing powerful pain-killing drugs and replacing them with decoys. Why this local crime story about a Registered Practical Nurse in Chatham would make the front page of the National Post is not entirely clear. The police investigation continues.

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