News Stories of Interest, Friday, Jan. 8, 2016

It’s Commonwealth Day in the Northern Mariana Islands, a jurisdiction that, like Puerto Rico, is considered a commonwealth within the United States.

‘Hidden homeless’ will be missed by winter count

The federal government should pause its plan for a nationally co-ordinated homeless count between now and April to get more accurate numbers without missing the “hidden homeless,” says the head of the agency that does the count in Edmonton. January is one of the worst months to count homeless people in Canada because the extreme cold puts homeless people in such unsafe conditions the most vulnerable women and youth are forced to sell sexual favours for a place to stay. Thus, counting them becomes difficult, as does counting those who may take shelter in tool sheds, Dumpsters or out-of-the-way places.

Rising Canadian diabetes rates part of global epidemic

A doctor trying to raise awareness about rising diabetes rates says Canada developed a national strategy 10 years ago but failed to implement it as more seniors are being diagnosed with the chronic disease. Dr. David C.W. Lau says there’s an urgent need for Ottawa to roll out a treatment and prevention plan because twice as many elderly people have the disease compared to younger Canadians.

No one was in charge during Shreddergate … seriously?

An investigation into widespread document destruction after the Tory government was toppled in Alberta’s stunning May election found no one was ultimately in charge as the shredders were whirring. Seriously! Well, that’s what they said. Alberta Party MLA Greg Clark has demanded another, more thorough investigation.

Alberta unemployment hits 7%

Alberta’s unemployment rate rose to seven per cent at the end of 2015 – a level not seen since April 2010 – and up from from 4.7 per cent in 2014, Statistics Canada figures show.

Medical marijuana doesn’t need to be kosher, certification group says

Is marijuana kosher? If it’s medicine, it doesn’t matter. That’s the message from Canada’s largest kosher certification agency after its board of rabbis held a debate on whether to certify cannabis oils as kosher.

Lethbridge College adds community health promotion program

Lethbridge College has added a community health promotion program integrating aboriginal thought, knowledge, and competency with health knowledge and practice in order to provide individuals in First Nations communities in particular an opportunity to better serve their communities. Alberta Health Services collaborated on the curriculum.

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