News Stories of Interest, Thursday, Jan. 21, 2015

It’s Midwives Day in Bulgaria.

Alberta health minister seeks national solution to fentanyl crisis

Alberta Health Minister Sarah Hoffman is hoping to kick-start a Canada-wide strategy to prevent fentanyl overdoses when she meets with fellow provincial ministers and federal Health Minister Jane Philpott in Vancouver on Thursday.

Doctor’s note requirement should end for short-term illnesses: AFL

The longstanding practice of employers asking employees for a doctor’s note to verify absences could come to an end if the Alberta Federation of Labour has its way. The organization, representing a number of unions, calls the process a waste of time and are asking the province to do away with sick notes for absences shorter than three days. The notes typically cost $20 to $50.

Disciplined docs often get extra chances to practice: CBC

Doctors in Canada who engage in improper behaviour with patients — everything from inappropriate comments and relationships to unwanted touching and sexual abuse — are frequently given a second chance to continue practicing, a CBC investigation has found. And a weight-loss surgeon whose Ontario medical licence was revoked for sexually abusing four female patients has been recruiting new patients from Fort McMurray to his institute in Mexico.

Asbestos linked cancer on rise

The numbers of cases and deaths from mesothelioma, a deadly cancer caused primarily by workplace asbestos exposure, have continued to rise and show no signs of abating, recently updated figures from Statistics Canada show.

More on those daily positive text messages from AHS …

Here’s Global News’s take on the idea: In hopes of brightening the day of those in need of a pick-me-up, Alberta Health Services has launched a new supportive text messaging program.

Alberta man gets worms from grocery store salmon

Sushi lovers, beware: stomach-burrowing parasites may bite if you try to make the Japanese delicacy at home. An Alberta man had the misfortune of hosting the first-recorded Canadian case of a nasty parasitic worm from raw fish he bought at a grocery store.

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