News Stories of Interest, Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016

Today is Data Privacy Day. Unfortunately, I’m not permitted to tell you anything about it. (Joke.) Here’s what Alberta’s Privacy Commissioner has to say about it. On this day in 1914, the Political Equality League staged a mock Parliament in Winnipeg to promote votes for women.

Few Zika cases so far in Canada, officials say

Three Canadians have brought the Zika virus back to Canada recently after contracting it abroad, CBC News reports. Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott said yesterday there have been no cases of locally transmitted Zika virus in Canada.

Mental illness is part of life, so forget stigma and focus on cure: David Swann

Alberta Liberal Party Leader David Swann is speaking out about his own past struggle with depression, calling for a reduction in the stigma associated with mental illness after a Calgary man with a troubled mind was shot in a confrontation with police.

Canada comes up short in international family docs survey

A new international survey of family doctors gives Canada poor marks, finding patients face longer waits than in nine other industrialized countries, plus less co-ordination of care and use of electronic records. The study was released in Canada yesterday by CIHI.

Fertility clinic to open in Edmonton

Global News has noticed that a privately run fertility clinic is getting ready to open in Edmonton. (There was a story a few days ago in a newspaper.) This clinic brings “the promise of reducing wait lists for those needing help getting pregnant,” the reporter claims. There is no balancing commentary from advocates of public health care.

Police predict more loss of life from new fentanyl-like drug

Police fear there will be further loss of life following the arrival of an even more powerful fentanyl alternative known as W-18, CTV Calgary reports. “It’s an extremely powerful synthetic opiate that they estimate as being a hundred times more powerful than what fentanyl currently is,” said Sergeant Jason Walker of the Calgary Police Service. “Fentanyl, in and of itself, is deemed to be 100 times more powerful than morphine.” Fentanyl deaths in Calgary are expected to be as high as 125 when the final tally for 2015 is complete.

Never mind the fumes – e-cigarette device explodes in teen’s face

The father of a southern Alberta teen is calling for a ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors as his son recovers from burns, broken teeth and other injuries after an e-cigarette blew up in his face. Alberta Health is looking at it.

Speaking of cigarettes, AHS seeks conventional smokers too

This past week was National Non-smoking Week in Canada and Alberta Health Services addiction specialists have been looking for smokers … in hopes of getting them to consider giving up the habit.

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