News Stories of Interest, Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016

It’s the Day of the Revenue Service in Azerbaijan.

Saskatchewan RN faces discipline for Facebook post criticizing her father’s care

Registered nurses working in a Saskatchewan long-term care facility told a disciplinary hearing Wednesday that a Facebook post calling into question their care tarnished their reputation. Carolyn Strom, a Registered Nurse in the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region, pleaded not guilty to one charge of professional misconduct during a hearing held by the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association, says the National Post.

Catholic bishops assail legalization of physician-assisted death

Albertans hoping to die with the assistance of a doctor may be refused the service at some the province’s hospitals and health facilities if the province’s Catholic bishops get their way. In a strongly worded statement released Thursday, the bishops demand some health facilities be free to prohibit a “morally wrong” practice they believe is disproportionately dangerous to frail seniors and people with disabilities or mental illnesses.

Fentanyl care in Edmonton called ‘disappointing’

A University of Alberta researcher says she’s disappointed that just two of the 29 walk-in clinics Alberta Health Services partnered with to offer naloxone kits to fentanyl users are in Edmonton.

Many Calgary dentists won’t reveal fees on phone

Alberta’s dentists stopped publishing their fee schedule in 1997, arguing it would make the profession more competitive. It had the opposite effect. A director for the Alberta Dental Association and College says that if patients aren’t happy with their dentists’ prices, they should find a less expensive dentist. But a CBC survey of Calgary dentist says many are reluctant to tell potential patients their fees over the phone.

Stop treating sexual health as women’s responsibility: opinion

An opinion piece in the Toronto Star argues that public health authorities too often put the onus on women rather than men to stop sexual assault, STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

This time, hospital parking: The Calgary Herald strikes again

The Calgary Herald’s editorial says today that Alberta Health Services should cut parking fees at Alberta Hospitals, presumably because the Wildrose Party advocated such a thing in the last provincial election. Not a bad idea, perhaps, but trust me when I say the same Herald will then turn around and argue health care costs too much, and something must be privatized.

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