News Stories of Interest, Wednesday, March 2, 2016

It’s Independence Day in Texas, which isn’t independent, but never mind. It was. Briefly.

Safety officers to inspect 200 convenience stores, gas bars

The Alberta government says it will inspect hundreds of stand-alone convenience stores and gas bars over the next three months to ensure workers are safe. Labour Minister Christina Gray says health and safety officers, who will have the authority to write safety orders on the spot, will talk to employers and workers about current legislation related to working alone, workplace violence, paycheque deductions and employing young workers.

Physician-assisted death granted Calgary woman in B.C. first outside Quebec

A Calgary woman who received a legal exemption for doctor-assisted death has ended her life in Vancouver with the help of two physicians.

Alberta Health and AMA set to begin formal negotiations

Alberta Health and the Alberta Medical Association are set to commence formal negotiations on issues affecting the fiscal state and sustainability of our province’s health system, a recent government news release says. The relationship between the Government of Alberta and Alberta’s physicians is defined by the existing 2011-18 AMA Agreement. The negotiations will have the aim of managing the rate of growth of the physician services budget, improving the effective provision of health care to Albertans, and jointly ensuring the sustainability of the health-care system. Any changes to the existing AMA Agreement would need to be approved by both parties. Until then, the existing agreement continues to be in place.

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