News Stories of Interest, Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Today’s will be a truncated summary of news stories of interest to members and staff because of my attendance at the staff meeting. Nevertheless, I felt these two news stories deserved note … for very different reasons. There were no national holidays today, apparently.

Former AHS CEO Kaminski says she resigned because of NDP ‘political interference’

Former Alberta Health Services chief executive officer Vickie Kaminski resigned because she believed she could no longer independently do her job as political interference worsened under the new NDP government and Health Minister Sarah Hoffman, the CBC claims in a story based on her leaked resignation letter. The story does not point out the obvious inference that, if this is true, the reasons she gave for her departure at the time were a lie. Should we believe her now?

B.C. patient demands ban on nurses wearing scary tattoos

A B.C. woman who was a patient in hospital says certain tattoos should be banned for nurses after she had nightmares from a “terrifying” skull. The National Post, apparently, thought this was a major story worthy of Page 1 coverage.

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