News Stories of Interest, Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Today is the 55th anniversary of the first human flight in space, by Yuri Gagarin of the Soviet Union. It is celebrated as Cosmonautics Day in Russia.

AFL launches ‘Fair Start’ campaign

At an educational breakfast this morning, dozens of concerned labour activists from 29 different electoral districts across Alberta gathered to launch the Fair Start campaign, which calls for the Government of Alberta to take action on early childhood education and care. Representatives of UNA were there.

Ceci vows no ‘knee jerk’ cuts to health care

Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci says next week’s provincial budget will be “a shock absorber in these tough economic times,” as the province faces a $10 billion deficit in the wake of plunging oil prices. He promised no “knee jerk” cuts to hospitals or schools.

Alberta sexual health centre fails to make the grade, critics say

Lacklustre sexual health education and opt-out options in Alberta schools put students at risk for life-altering physical and mental illnesses, say critics who teach sex ed to teens.

55 Alberta flu deaths recorded this season

There were 55 flu-related deaths in Alberta between September and the end of March. Alberta Health Services says all had lab-confirmed influenza at the time of their deaths, with 26 in the Calgary area, and 14 in Edmonton.

Budget to include $500M more for seniors

The Alberta government plans to invest more than $500 million in new funding for seniors housing in Thursday’s budget. A source has told Canadian Press that a small portion will be in grants, but the lion’s share will come from $4 billion in unallocated money from the capital fund.

U.S. court strikes down Wisconsin ‘right to work’ law

Wisconsin’s so-called “right-to-work” law, championed by Republican governor Scott Walker as he was mounting his run for president, was struck down by a court on Friday as violating the state constitution.

Will Notley Government play hardball with public sector unions?

The head of Alberta’s largest union said he wouldn’t be surprised if the NDP government came to them with a zero-per-cent wage offer. AUPE President Guy Smith said judging by Premier Rachel Notley’s TV address, there is a clear signal the government wants to protect frontline services, but he’s also expecting some tough talk at the bargaining table.

Kaminski resignation shows to AHS officials need clear job descriptions: Wilson

The circumstances surrounding the resignation of Alberta Health Services CEO Vickie Kaminski shows that top health care officials need clearer job descriptions to live up to, writes University of Alberta nursing professor Donna Wilson.

Peace officers seek training on dealing with mentally ill people

Alberta’s peace officer association wants training of how to deal with situations involving mental illness for all members, despite Alberta Justice’s unwillingness to include such training within its peace officer program.

Moms to be turned away from south Calgary hospital

The maternity ward at the South Health Campus is much smaller than the wards at Calgary’s three other adult hospitals. That means many moms are being turned away, even if they live nearby.

Mexican weight-loss surgery complications prompt calls for improved care

After suffering severe complications from weight loss surgery in Mexico surgery, an Alberta woman says getting the medical help she desperately needs since returning home has been a bureaucratic nightmare.

Alberta hospitals depend on charity – maybe too much

Alberta’s hospitals have become heavily dependent – perhaps overly so – on charities to keep patient care up to date.

Kaminski to be paid $540,000 a year to oversee Australian hospitals

Former AHS CEO Vickie Kaminski will be paid $540,000 a year to oversee a “transformation” plan in South Australia that affected physicians say will put patient safety at risk.

Top civil servant Richard Discerni returns to Ottawa

Another public sector manager who harkened back to the days of the Conservative government as Alberta’s most senior civil servant, Richard Discerni, is returning to his home in Ottawa.

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