News Stories of Interest, Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It’s Teachers Day in Ecuador. It’s the Day of Pink, a Canadian anti-bullying event. Tomorrow is Budget Day in Alberta.

Public education advocates demand cuts to private school funding

Public education advocates are calling on Alberta’s NDP government to cease funding private and charter schools in anticipation of a slender provincial budget. Public dollars flowing to private schools across the province are spent with little transparency and no oversight from an elected, publicly accountable school board, says Joel French, executive director of the advocacy group Public Interest Alberta.

School construction program poorly planned by Tory government: AG

An ambitious plan to build and modernize 230 Alberta schools lacked the planning to justify the opening dates originally announced by the previous Progressive Conservative government, a report from Alberta’s auditor general has found.

Unhappy with faculty group’s investigation, U of C warns profs

The University of Calgary is warning its academic staff to beware of an investigation by the Canadian Association of University Teachers, which will be on campus next week to speak with faculty about the U of C’s relationship with Enbridge following a CBC investigation last fall. CAUT will also examine broader issues of conflict of interest and donor policies at the university.

Simulator helps train Calgary eye surgeons

A state-of-the-art virtual reality eye surgery simulator is allowing Calgary ophthalmology residents to practice performing life-changing eye procedures and prepare them for real-life scenarios, including cataract, intraocular and retinal surgeries, Alberta Health Services says in a news release.

Poll shows Albertans want carbon price revenue to support green energy

A new poll asking Albertans how they would like revenue raised by a proposed carbon tax spent indicates that by more than a two-to-one margin people favour spending it on green energy projects, transit and energy efficiency improvements, Public Interest Alberta says in a new release not yet posted online. The link connects readers to the poll itself.

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