News Stories of Interest, Thursday, May 19, 2016

Today is Ho Chi Minh’s birthday, celebrated as a national holiday in Vietnam. Parks Canada was established on this day in 1911.

Alberta brings in pay grid for board, agency bosses

Alberta is bringing in new legislation to establish a pay grid for executives on its agencies, boards, and commissions, laying to waste one to a tradition of Tory patronage and boondoggles. Bill 19 also allows the government to find out how much it is paying those executives right now. Pretty shocking the previous government didn’t know, or apparently care, huh?

Airdrie residents press for 24-hour health care

Residents of the Calgary-area city of Airdrie continue to press for a 24-hour emergency care facility in their community, although they have stopped short of demanding a full hospital, the Airdrie Echo reports.

Jane Ball on nurse staffing levels

“We can’t keep accepting compromises that patients ultimately pay the price for,” writes British nursing researcher Jane Ball, who addressed UNA’s AGM in 2014, in this Huffington Post UK opinion piece. “When we ‘make do and mend’ it’s care quality and patient lives that suffer.”

Canadian top employers are mostly government funded

A recent survey of Canadian workers has revealed that a majority of the country’s most recommended employers are in the public-sector or government-subsidized organizations. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation, naturally, thinks this is a bad thing.

Drug overdose survivors more likely to die of overdoses than others: study

A study by scientists at the B.C. Centre for Excellence in HIV-AIDS reveals those who have recently survived a non-fatal overdose are more likely to die from a subsequent overdose. Worse, the study indicates, the risk of death from an overdose increases significantly with each non-fatal overdose experienced.

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