News Stories of Interest, Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It’s Global Wind Day, celebrating wind energy. On this day in 1846, Canada and the United States recognized the 49th Parallel as the border between the two countries. It’s a slow day for news of interest to UNA members and staff.

Hospital denies nurse union claim Windsor hospital is ‘in chaos’

A statement by the union representing Registered Nurses that Windsor Regional Hospital in southern Ontario is in chaos, is “not accurate at all,” the hospital’s CEO said Monday. A media release from the Ontario Nurses Association cites excessive overtime, retired nurses being called back to work, schedules posted late with gaps in those schedules that means base staffing needs are not being met. ONA President Linda Haslam-Stroud said the situation at the hospital is serious with a plan to cut 169 RN jobs at the hospital today.

Rabid bat bites human, but no one known to be being treated

A bat confirmed to have rabies is reported to have bitten a person in southern Alberta, but health officials say they are not treating a human with the deadly viral disease.

Online resource for people with eating disorders announced

In an effort to improve availability of services, the Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta announced a new online support group that can be accessed online from home, anywhere in the province. According to Alberta Health, approximately 1.3 per cent of Albertans are at risk of an eating disorder, which affects approximately 31,531 Albertans in any given year.

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