News Stories of Interest, Friday, June 17, 2016

It’s Independence Day in Iceland (from Denmark in 1944). It’s the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. The most common media story mentioning Alberta Health Services this morning was about Meat Loaf, the American performer who collapsed on stage in Edmonton last night. He’s in the hands of AHS, and he’s OK.

Barrie Chivers reflects on 47 years of legal cases that changed Alberta

“To see losing as a win is a rare gift,” writes the Edmonton Journal’s Liane Faulder today in a story on the 47-year legal career of the man who was, among many roles, UNA’s constitutional advisor. “It’s a stance available only to people with stamina, forbearance, and the steely knowledge they are on the right side of the issue, regardless of the outcome. People like labour lawyer Barrie Chivers.”

‘15 Is Fair’ campaign urges Alberta to ignore fear-mongers and raise minimum wage to $15

Alberta’s labour movement is launching a campaign calling on the government to follow through on promises to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

TFW with heart pup will die if forced to return home

Darius Caillan carries a black and teal striped backpack with him everywhere. What’s inside keeps him alive. The 46-year-old Edmonton man has a ventricular assist device — a mechanical heart, essentially, that pumps blood around his body to vital organs. On Monday, his temporary foreign work visa ran out. If he’s forced to return to the Philippines, he will likely die.

U of A researchers cast doubt on value of Vitamin D supplements

Researchers at the University of Alberta are suggesting there might not be as much medical benefit to vitamin D supplements as previously thought.

Edmonton cancer survivor thanks blood donors

A 21-year-old Edmonton cancer survivor thanked the donors who gave blood used in the 75 blood and plasma transfusions she received during her treatment. Alexa Pickens
Spoke during Canadian Blood Services’ annual Honouring Our LifeBlood event in Edmonton, which recognizes donors who have given their blood at least 50 times.

Good Sam decision ruffles feathers in Vauxhall

The Good Samaritan Society is centralizing pharmacy supports and services through a single provider in Edmonton, much to the dismay of local pharmacists in the town of Vauxhall, the local paper reports.

Can doctors actually predict how long patients have?

They’re usually wrong, says new study.

Fort Mac water conditions should concern new moms, group says

An Alberta breastfeeding group is sounding alarms over water conditions in Fort McMurray for infants who are on formula.

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