News Stories of Interest, Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It’s National Aboriginal Day in Canada. It’s National Day in Greenland. On this day in 1749, Halifax, N.S., was founded. On this day in 1957, Ellen Fairclough was sworn in as Canada’s first female cabinet minister in the government of Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.

Albertans asked for input on nursing homes and home care legislation

In a news release today, the Alberta government asked for public input on the province’s nursing homes and home care legislation. Two public surveys are now online for Albertans to share their thoughts and provide feedback as the province updates regulations for long-term care facilities and home care services.

Long waiting lists for low-income dental care called unacceptable

Many low-income Albertans are waiting years to access dental care because clinics that offer subsidized care are at full capacity, advocates say. Between 15 to 20 per cent of Albertans never go to the dentist because it costs too much, says Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann. Alberta has the highest dental costs in Canada.

Involuntarily hospitalize people who seek assisted death for mental suffering: Wildrose MLA

Wildrose MLA Mark Smith doesn’t think people with mental health issues should be automatically eligible for physician-assisted death. If they do try to access the procedure, he said, doctors should have the power to order them involuntarily hospitalized.

B.C. programs trains 27,000 to deliver Indigenous health care

Health officials in British Columbia say 27,000 workers and students have been trained on providing care that takes into account the culture and history of indigenous patients – a program that has been spearheaded in the province and has generated interest from elsewhere in the country.

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