News Stories of Interest, Tuesday, July 12, 2017

It’s Independence Day in Kiribati (from the United Kingdom in 1979) and Sao Tome and Principe (from Portugal in 1975). It’s the so-called “Glorious 12th” in Northern Ireland and Newfoundland, marking a Protestant victory in 1690 that is a cause of sectarian violence in Ireland to this day.

Secret monitors find hospital hand-washing rates lower than expected

A study using undercover observers to check how often health-care workers wash their hands has offered powerful new evidence that Canadian hospitals’ much-vaunted hygiene rates are more illusion than reality. The study found that just half of nurses and doctors at a major Toronto hospital soap up as required — far lower than the official rate divulged publicly. A group of hospitals in the area is now planning to electronically measure compliance with hygiene rules.

Senate OKs changes to RCMP union bill

A unionization drive by two competing factions seeking to represent Canada’s Mounties is getting underway in earnest after the Senate approved significant changes to a government bill to allow the first-ever RCMP union. On Tuesday, senators overwhelmingly approved an amended version of Bill C-7 and threw it back to the Commons to accept or reject. That won’t happen until the fall because MPs have adjourned for the summer.

Perpetrators of fraudulent scientific research protected by privacy law

Seventy-eight Canadian scientists have fabricated data, plagiarized, misused grants, or engaged in dodgy scientific practices in projects backed by public funds, the Toronto Star reports. But the publicly funded agency responsible for policing scientific fraud is keeping secret the details surrounding these researchers. The scientists’ names, where they worked and what they did wrong is not made public because that information is protected under federal privacy laws.

Notley says abortion debate is settled in Alberta

Premier Rachel Notley said Monday she does not expect the abortion debate to be reopened in Alberta but warned against any politician who would try to roll back the services available. The abortion issue has been raised in some quarters because of Calgary Midnapore MP Jason Kenney’s entry into provincial politics with his run for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative party on a platform of uniting the right in Alberta.

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