News Stories of Interest, July 15, 2016

It’s Elderly Men Day in Kiribati, which seems to have a lot of holidays for a small place. Maybe the Kiribatians have a lot to celebrate.

AHS reviews provincial hospitals to save on costs

The Alberta government has been reviewing the province’s hospitals in hopes of determining where savings can be made as health spending grows during the economic downturn. Yesterday, Ministry of Health spokesperson Laura Ehrkamp said the government has been working with Alberta Health Services to determine operational best practices, which include staffing (scheduling, shift rotations and overtime management), readmission rates, infection rates, procurement processes, supply costs and drug costs.

Man sets himself alight at WCB Building in Edmonton

A man lit his clothing on fire at the Workers’ Compensation Board building in Edmonton this morning. The man was transported to hospital where he remains with non-life threatening injuries. Police believe this act was “self-inflicted” and not criminal in nature.

Edmonton-area physician sentenced to 30 days for groping co-worker

An Edmonton-area doctor has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for sexually assaulting a co-worker. Ismail Taher, who is 38, was also given two years probation. Taher was given a suspended sentence for common assault on another female co-worker, also in 2013. Last month, the Alberta Court of Appeal denied Taher’s appeal of a sexual assault conviction on an 18-year-old patient.

ATA president named President-Designate of Canadian Teachers Federation

Delegates attending the Canadian Teachers’ Federation Annual General Meeting in Montreal have elected today Mark Ramsankar of The Alberta Teachers’ Association as the new President-Designate. Ramsankar will take over the presidency at the end of CTF President Heather Smith’s term in July 2017. Ms. Smith is from New Brunswick, just in case you wondered.

Disgraceful Canadian Indigenous HIV treatment in spotlight

The 21st International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa, will hear that Canada’s Indigenous populations are experiencing sky-high HIV numbers and the province of Saskatchewan alone has an infection rate comparable to countries in the developing world.

Severance payments totaled $12 million at Alberta post-secondaries in 2015

Retirements and budgetary pressures led to Alberta’s post-secondary institutions paying out $12 million to departing employees in 2015.

Prof worries Lethbridge case could turn anti-vaxxers into ‘martyrs’

Some experts worry the continuing legal saga of a southern Alberta couple convicted of failing to get proper medical treatment for their son who died of bacterial meningitis could turn them into martyrs for the alternative medicine and anti-vaccination movement. This is a big story at the Victoria Times Colonist, by the way, because the editor in chief, news editor and editorial page editor all used to work at the Lethbridge Herald.

Mainstream health organization ponders benefits of sweat lodges to indigenous patients

For centuries, indigenous cultures have used sweat lodge ceremonies to heal the body and mind. Now, one of North America’s largest mental health hospitals is firing up one of its own for First Nations patients.

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