News Stories of Interest, Monday, July 25, 2016

It’s Republic Day in Tunisia and Revolution Day in Egypt. On this day in 1917, Prime Minister Robert Borden introduced the first income tax in Canada as a temporary wartime measure.

Please don’t hunt Pokemon in Alberta health care facilities

You can add hospitals and health care facilities to the list of places warning Pokemon-hunting Albertans to stay away. In a tweet Friday afternoon, Alberta Health Services warned the public avoid playing the popular augmented reality smartphone game Pokemon-Go inside its facilities. Meanwhile, on Ontario, a woman has been charged for shooting at Pokemon-Go players with a pellet gun.

Next year’s premiers’ meeting to be held in Edmonton

The next Council of the Federation summer meeting of premiers will be held in Edmonton on July 17-19, 2017. This will provide an opportunity for UNA members and others to make it clear to Canada’s premiers that public health care must be a priority now, and in the future.

Calgary hospital among first to use cooling blanket for babies deprived of oxygen

Newborns deprived of oxygen at birth will soon have improved chances of surviving without brain injuries thanks to a portable cooling blanket.

Family sues nursing home over choking death

Negligence at an Ontario long-term care home caused the choking death of a 77-year-old woman found face-down in her plate of food, her family alleges in a $4.4-million lawsuit.

Plug pulled on vote on tentative Ontario docs deal by rebel physicians

Doctors unhappy with a new fee agreement between the Ontario Medical Association and the province’s Liberal government have forced a delay in voting on the four-year deal.

Fentanyl remains significant concern in Alberta

With this year looking to be about as costly as the last in terms of fentanyl-related deaths in Alberta, officials say the street-level drug scourge remains a significant concern. From Jan. 1 through to the end of March this year, Alberta saw 69 deadly fentanyl overdoses, which Alberta Health Services said is consistent with what was seen during the same three months of 2015, when 77 fatalities were linked to the especially toxic and dangerous opioid.

Ontario to stop paying for high-dose opioids

Ontario will become the first province to stop paying for high-dose opioid medications under its public drug plans, as part of a measure aimed at combatting the widespread abuse of prescription painkillers.

‘Transformational change’ coming to health care in Saskatchewan

The delivery of health services is headed for a major shake-up which the government of Premier Brad Wall says designed to squeeze every nickel of productivity out of existing resources and to make health administration lean and efficient. We’ve seen this movie in Alberta and it won’t be pretty.

Alberta Health Services acknowledges life-saving role of St. Albert employees

Four employees of the St. Alberta business, one of them an on-site Registered Nurse, have been acknowledged by Alberta Health Services for their role in saving the life of a colleague who suffered a heart attack at work.

Everything is bigger in America – including nursing home fraud

Three people have been charged in an unprecedented $1-billion health care fraud scam, accused of using dozens of Miami nursing homes to bilk the taxpayer-funded Medicare and Medicaid programs, according to an indictment unsealed Friday.

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