News Stories of Interest, Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It’s National Sleepyhead Day in Finland. I kid you not. It doesn’t sound like it’s much fun. Today is a slow day for news of interest to UNA members and staff.

Women and men differ in dementia avoidance responses

New research from University of Alberta neuroscientists has found there could be gender differences in which behaviours might stave off the progression of Alzheimer disease in people genetically predisposed to the illness.

Palliative care docs decry new Ontario opioid policy

Palliative-care doctors are calling on the Ontario government not to cut off access to high-dose opioid medications for their patients, saying those nearing the end of life or suffering from cancer pain “deserve better.”

Drug crisis declared on Nakoda First Nation

The three First Nations bands near Morley, west of Calgary, are in a crisis situation over extremely high rates of prescription drug addictions and overdoses among members. “We had something like 139 deaths attributed to opiates within a two-year period on the nation,” said Lindsay Blackett, CEO of the Chiniki band, one of three that comprise Stoney Nakoda.

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