News Stories of Interest, Wednesday, July 27, 2017

Alberta trauma cases among highest in Canada

New national statistics show Albertans to be among the most injured people in the country, in part to due to high rates of trauma from sports, assaults and other factors. The numbers from the Canadian Institute of Health Information show Alberta recorded a rate of 826 hospitalizations due to trauma per 100,000 people in the 2014-15 fiscal year ending March 31.

Double hand transplant recipient wishes he could have ‘useless appendages’ removed

A man who received America’s first double hand transplant has revealed his sadness at being unable to use his new limbs and says he wishes he had never had the operation. Jeff Kepner, 64, who underwent the pioneering surgery seven years ago, says he would have them removed if it were possible.

WestJet needs new contract with pilots to expand wide-body service

Demand for WestJet’s new London-Gatwick flight is strong, CEO Gregg Saretsky said yesterday, but the Calgary-based carrier will need to strike a new deal with its pilots before it can expand its wide-body fleet. The existing contract between WestJet and its pilots limits the carrier to four wide-body Boeing 767s. If it were to expand, it would require a new round of salary negotiations.

Scientists see breakthrough in antibiotic hunt … in your nose

Scientists hunting for new antibiotics have scooped them from soil. They have searched in oceans and caves. Now, they are picking them out of your nose. In a new paper published today in the journal Nature, German researchers report the discovery of a new antibiotic produced by a bacterium that lives inside the human nostril.

Fears about dialysis bus spark response

Woodlands County is drumming up regional support for the Whitecourt dialysis bus service – something Alberta Health Services says it has no plans to cancel.

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